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After receiving his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and his internship in Electrical Contracting, Amjad tended to work as a freelance translator. He has collaborated with renowned agencies like Mars Translation,, and Gengo.
He is also an approved translator at many other agencies over the world.

Amjad is willing to do great collaboration with you too, it's his honor to do his best in order to fulfill your requirements.


Industry Projects

  • Technology3

Summary of Industry Experience


Amjad has done some projects in this field, most (maybe all) of them was product descriptions. The sample here is for a software description. However, some other projects were related to physical product description.

Product Projects

  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience


Amjad has translated a number of articles, some for websites, and others for a magazine. About two of the articles were translated for a website, while many other were translated for an Automotive company.