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Jakub approaches each task with passion and attention to detail and always try to meet the needs of customers, looking for solutions that will satisfy them.
He made his professional debut in 2009 and established cooperation with APM PRO for whom he translated correspondence and technical documents such as operating manuals, catalogue cards and certificates for road safety equipment. This provided him with an opportunity to get to know the technical terminology and to serve as a language consultant.
By establishing his translation company in September 2015 he was able to fully focus on his work as a translator. A step into the unknown, which turned out to be a bull's eye and led to a rapid expansion of the customer base, most of which returns regularly with new orders.
Since 2016, the offer also includes software localization and translating marketing content.


Industry Projects

  • Marketing50+
  • Technology100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jakub works for major companies through several translation agencies. He always tries to solve his clients' language and cultural problems. This way he worked for several automotive companies, big graphic card manufacturers and software developers.


Jakub is a bit of a geek. He loves new technologies and often implements them in his life. Similarly, he is very happy whenever he can translate text about new technologies. That is why cooperation with APM is such a great deal. Jakub was there, when in 2010 the first Variable Message Sign was installed in Poland (in Warsaw to be precise) and he translated many datasheets, manuals, broshures, etc. regarding Intelligent Transport Systems since then.

Product Projects

  • Brochure50+
  • Data Sheet50+
  • Email Copy100+

Summary of Product Experience


Jakub did his share of brochures in the past. He translated texts from dentistry market to traffic safety, learning the differences in particular branches and developing skills. Although brochures are smaller part of his translation jobs, he likes them and finds very interesting and sometimes demanding even (especially when it is a brochure about completely new product on the market).

Data Sheet

Jakub translates several data sheets per month, mostly for translation agencies, although he has several direct clients in this field as well. This means he has experience in various fields, however, majority texts are for consumer electronics.

Email Copy

Jakub often translates e-mails for his clients, as more and more decides to go global. He does what he can to solve their problems with language barrier, translating both ways (EN-PL and PL-EN).