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Nantia is a Greek native translator living and working in Athens, Greece. She translates from English to Greek (& reverse), French to Greek and Spanish to Greek. Following her Bachelor and Master Degree in Marketing and Communication, she spent 7 years translating as part of her positions in various companies in the sectors of marketing, advertising, branding, research and e-commerce. This led her into taking professional training in translation and focusing her career as a freelance translator. So she obtained a Diploma in Translation and she undertook a series of seminars regarding translation, languages and cat tools. Now her passion is translating and she cannot imagine herself doing something different!


Industry Projects

  • Business5
  • Consumer Goods5
  • Food5
  • Gaming5
  • Marketing10+
  • Medical5

Summary of Industry Experience


Nantia has a working and academic experience in business so she knows the terminology to accurately translate content in the industry. Latest translation was about a survey conducted by an advertising agency. She uses latest business terminology and updates vocabulary as business industry evolves.

Consumer Goods

Nantia within her working experience as a marketing professional has worked with various clients within FMCG area. She knows terminology and uses her copy-writing skills to successfully localize content and promote products in the local market.


Nantia has translated content for the food industry. Last project was a localization of a website for a local producer. She loves food terminology, as she loves to cook. She always searches for new clients within the industry.


Nantia has once worked for an online gaming company so she knows terminology. She has translated and edited content for the website and social media. She knows the profile of the customers so she is able to select the right words so as to sell products/services.


Nantia the last 6 years was a marketing professional for a series of companies and advertising agencies. She also has a master of marketing from the university of Bath. Along these last years she has translated a series of documents from emails to advertisements and presentations.


Nantia the last two years working as a freelance translator likes to take on medical translations. She has worked for large pharmaceutical companies and has also translated a website for a greek doctor. She comes from a family of doctors so it is with great pleasure when she has to translate medical documents.

Product Projects

  • Product Description20+
  • Brochure20+
  • Article10+
  • Advertisement20+
  • Data Sheet3

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Nantia has translated more than 20 product descriptions during her working experience. Her copy-writing skills gave her success in every translation project she took on, as she brilliantly matched well -served vocabulary with the correct terminology.


Nantia has translated a series of marketing brochures with great success, matching copywriting skills with correct terminology. She knows marketing and she can use the correct words to sell a product or service.


With Bachelor Studies as a Journalist and a Translation Degree in literature, Nantia is capable of transforming every article in a new piece of art for the localized audience! Her experience in blogging and content editing helped her develop her writing skills.


During her academic and working experience Nantia has undertook various advertising projects which needed localization (mainly FMCG industry). She successfully combined copywriting with translation skills to create a marvelous result.

Data Sheet

Nantia translates data sheet content for clients. She gathers information while successfully researching all related information to provide accurate technical terminology so as for the customers to understand products' usage.