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Gulcin had a successful career change: she worked as a senior trade specialist in a corporate company for 10 years and then decided to work as translator. Now she is specialized in business and legal documents translation, has regular clients and likes to work freelance. The best part of her job is the positive feedback she receives.


Industry Projects

  • Legal100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Gulcin translates maritime cases like collisions, smuggling, labor rights, indemnities from Turkish to English. She works in commercial law cases and other cases like divorce, indemnity. She works for Turkish and foreign law offices for these translations.

Product Projects

  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience


Gulcin has translated an e-book about sales and CRM. This was extremely fun for her to translate as she remembers college days and attending marketing classes. Basics remain the same but the tools are always evolving.