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Giray is a professional translator, content writer and financial analyst specialized in Finance and Marketing fields. He has been working with the top-notch FX and BO companies since 2011, providing them the highest quality localization and content writing services in the financial markets. Some of Giray's former clients include 24option, Markets, GrandOption, UFX, and OptionRally.

The projects Giray worked on involved both English and Turkish, and he produced educational materials, marketing materials, platform and UI translations, daily/weekly/monthly market analysis, trading signals, etc. All of the materials are written SEO in focus, as he creates a keywords list in advance and analyzes which keywords are most suitable to use without bloating the content with keywords.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Turkish100+
  • Turkish to English (US)50+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Turkish

As a person who's quite in love with words and playing with them, Giray has been successfully providing localization services to the leading companies of different industries since 2011. As a transcreation expert, he will understand your tone and create your text in the target language by rebuilding the sentences with the right words. If you want your voice to be heard by everyone, Giray is here for you to make it happen.

Turkish to English (US)

Giray has been working in this language pair since 2011, providing major Turkish corporations with translation services for their websites, marketing and PR materials. Some of his former clients include Yildiz Holding (Ãœlker) and Eczacibasi Holding (Selpak and Artema). Moreover, he provides translation and content writing services for Turkish finance companies for their English websites.

Industry Projects

  • Finance100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Finance is one of the things Giray is passionate about. He loves financial markets and also provides services as a financial analyst. He worked with major companies in Forex and Binary Options sectors, providing them complete localization and transcreation services. Our projects had a wide array of materials including websites, educational materials, marketing materials, platform and UI, market analysis etc. He also has an extensive knowledge of SEO in Finance, and every material will make sure your website is going up in search engines.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Giray has written and translated hundreds of product descriptions, websites, marketing materials, educational content etc. The key to make visitors to buy a product via internet relies mostly on the feeling that the content they read will create. The words bear the responsibilities of both informing the readers and exciting them.

The example below is a product description translation for mobile trading platforms.

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