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Born in Spain to a Cuban-American mother who also happened to be an English teacher and Translator, Rubén started doing small interpreting gigs in his teens in Spain. He then enrolled in the Audiovisuals Communications program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After living in Turkey and Korea, Ruben made his way to Los Angeles to pursue his career in filmmaking. You could say his filmmaking career is critically acclaimed, but it hasn't been profitable enough to sustain him. Rubén has been translating and interpreting for the past 3 years. Among his biggest clients you can find SEIU (largest workers union in the country), LAUSD (2nd largest school district in the US) and KBS (Korea's Public Broadcaster). Rubén translating work includes a wide array of areas: legal, education, academic, content (drama and comedy), music, etc.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (South America) to English (US)50+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (South America) to English (US)

Doing business primarily in California, Ruben has adapted his Spanish to Latin American Spanish. It wasn't difficult since he grew up in a Cuban household in Spain with his grandparents, so he has always been able to transition from one dialect to the other. He has worked for 2 years for KBS translating Korean content from English to Latin American Spanish for the KBS World Latino cable channel.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment50+
  • Education20+
  • Legal20+

Summary of Industry Experience


I have translated and dubbed over 100 episodes for KBS (the Korean Public Broadcaster) from English to Latin American Spanish. Shows include Music Bank, The Brave Family, A Style For You, The Invisible Man, Immortal Songs, etc.


Rubén has interpreted and translated units and programs for LAUSD, the second largest school district in the United States of America. Ruben also worked for Pyrczak Publishing, a college textbook publisher.


Rubén has translated several types of legal documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Documents such as: birth certificates, court orders, academic transcripts, certificates of authenticity, cease and desist orders, etc.

Product Projects

  • Product Description50+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Book1
  • Script/Video1

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Translated the entire website and product copy for Bend-It, a soccer gear brand based in Los Angeles. www.benditsoccer.com I also translated most of their social media content (posts and video tutorials).

Blog Post

Rubén has translated many blogposts from his own blog, Spanish Exile, that are first written in Spanish. He mostly translates Politics, News and World affairs pieces. He can also translate lifestyle and entertainment related posts.


Rubén translated the ebook DISCOVER THE SECRET TO KICKING LIKE A SOCCER PRO: TRUE STORIES TO INSPIRE, KICKING TUTORIALS AND A 15-STEP SOCCER SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE from English to Spanish for the brand Bend-it. Benditsoccer.com


Ruben has translated several scripts from Spanish filmmakers into English either to attach English-speaking talent and investors or to be shot in English. He has also subtitled several short films and documentaries.

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