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After getting her BA, Invi moved straight into an MA with a dissertation in Theatre & Translation. She has been based in the UK for close to four years, and started translating in her late teens as a volunteer translating arts related websites, and magazine articles. Has as a professional translated everything from apps and news to popular science and a full-length play. Her main specialism is translation of texts intended for an audience; idiomatic and fully localised to preserve the intention, tone and cultural context of the original while being accessible and enjoyable to read.

Invi's initial interest in translation came at a young age from watching subtitled TV shows in her childhood home Norway and being annoyed with just how often they completely missed the mark. This annoys her to this day.



Language Projects

  • Norwegian to English (UK)5

Summary of Language Experience

Norwegian to English (UK)

Invi got a bilingual High School equivalent diploma, and then moved to the UK to work and study. She quickly immersed herself completely to the point where most now think she is a native. Her biggest project to date was one in this language pair, a full-length play transcreated from scratch.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment50+
  • Humor10+
  • Craft5
  • Gaming5

Summary of Industry Experience


Invi has translated or written materials related to virtually every area of entertainment - both materials ABOUT the entertainment in question, but also the actual entertainment materials themselves. Her main area of research and experience when it comes to entertainment materials is translating dialogue.


Invi takes an interest in the humour of the cultures behind all the languages she works with. She even did stand-up comedy as part of her BA, and teaches improvised comedy and theatre in English.


Invi has solid experience with practical crafts, and has translated crochet patterns, hobby crafts instructions and the "how it's made" behind an artist's entire gallery of mixed media artwork. She prides herself on understanding the crafts as well as their associated tools thoroughly, as nothing is more frustrating than a "How To" which doesn't work.


Invi has translated word game apps, and understands well the challenges associated both with transcreating games and translating materials to go on screens where not only is there a character limit, but also a pixel limit.

She also enjoys both board games and PC games, and takes an interest in translating both.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement50+
  • Article20+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Facebook Post20+
  • Script/Video10+
  • Speech10+

Summary of Product Experience


Invi has solid primary experience in marketing and advertising as well as translating said materials. Currently, she is translating PR materials for a Eurovision contestant. She is used to a wide variety of formats, and has been translating a lot of app- and mobile based content lately, often with strict character limits.


Invi has been translating as well as writing articles since co-funding a printed charity magazine at age 18. Topics span popular science, ecology, news, music, film and theatre as well as many others.

Blog Post

Invi has translated and written a multitude of online materials, and used to run her own blog. She is currently translating character-limited blog updates for an app. Writing for an audience is one of her favourite tasks, and she will do her best to make any text a treat to read.

Facebook Post

Invi has run several marketing related Facebook groups and pages, and hosted many events. For Facebook communication she finds it particularly important to capture the tone of the original voice, so that the readers of the translated version still feel as if they are participating in personal communication.


Invi has extensive knowledge of correctly formatting scripts for film, theatre, audio/visual and radio. She believes that a correctly formatted script can be the be-all end-all for gaining the confidence of producers and teammates, and they are a lot easier to work with, too.


Invi was involved in international Model United Nations and has many hours of speech and debate training. She will identify your thought-line, arguments, ethos, pathos and logos as well as your target audience and what you want to achieve, and translate this accurately into a language which is still pleasant to speak.

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