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After 10 years working as a journalist, publishing articles in major Canadian newspapers, websites and magazines, Caroline started a professional transition to become a translator in 2015. As a translator, she specializes in arts, business, public relations, advertising, marketing and marketing research.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to French (Canada)10+
  • Spanish (EU) to French (Canada)1

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to French (Canada)

Born in Quebec, Caroline is a French (Canada) native speaker. She started translating in 2015. So far, she has translated about 30.000 words, which is not a lot, but her clients have been very satisfied with her translations. Caroline has ten years of experience as a writer and journalist, which means that she has gained, over the years, superior writing skills in French, as well as a strong work ethic, broad knowledge an extended vocabulary in a variety of fields such as business, advertising, marketing, arts, human ressources and others.

Spanish (EU) to French (Canada)

Caroline started learning Spanish in 2003, and completed a bachelor's degree in International Studies and modern language. There, she attended many courses for Spanish advanced learners. Caroline is a beginner in translating in the Spanish-French (Canada) language pair but you can have a look at the results by reading the samples she has provided.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment3

Summary of Industry Experience


In 2015, as a subcontractor, Caroline translated about 150 descriptive panels for two different exhibitions for an important Canadian art museum. The biggest translation assignment was for an exhibition about landscape painters from the Americas. The exhibition examined landscape painting from the early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century in an inclusive, pan-American context. Thematically organized, the exhibition placed special emphasis on the areas where landscape painting expressions were most vital. From a translator point of view, the challenge was to provide reader-friendly panels for French-speaking visitors using creativity to convey the artistic spirit of the descriptions, with both good style and accuracy.

Product Projects

  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Caroline has been translating press releases for PR agencies since 2015. The press releases aim to interest journalists or media commentators in different concerts and musical events. They have to be written in a lively style while giving all the relevant information.

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