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Lizeth is a bilingual professional with over a decade of experience as an in-house and freelance translator. She grew up being the family interpreter and translator, but while working as a translator for a newspaper during her last year in college, she discovered her true passion for words and languages. With her Spanish Literature degree in hand, she focused on getting as much experience as possible under her belt; this led to bilingual work in fields that range from healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, and engineering (to name a few).

With a dedication to learning, Lizeth continued her education going on to obtain a Master of Education and a Master of Administration with an emphasis in Project Management (I think she's a nerd, but a cool nerd).

The focus of her work is conveying the voice of the customer and breaking down the language barrier. She is committed to quality work and as proof of her commitment is a member of the American Society of Quality and a Certified Quality Process Analyst (CQPA) through this organization.


Industry Projects

  • Business50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Lizeth loves working with customers' to convey a message and get their product and information to different parts of the world. Although she is not an Engineer, she has spent time working with them and translating ideas into results. She loves the challenge of researching new topics and doesn't stop until information is clear.

Product Projects

  • Catalog50+
  • Article50+
  • Newsletter Content20+

Summary of Product Experience


Lizeth has translated different types of documentation including reports, specifications, manuals, data sheets, and studies in the fields of architecture, construction management, engineering, and mining. She has worked with several companies based in Latin American.


Lizeth has been translating articles since 2003. Her main focus when translating is focusing on conveying the message of the writer. She has also translated articles that have been featured in company websites.

Newsletter Content

Lizeth has developed and translated newsletter content in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare. The content was used to provide information on new processes and keeping employees in the loop.