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After finishing her T.O.E.F.L. at the American Nicaragua School and getting her PhD in law, Maria and her husband moved to live in Trinidad and Tobago, an English speaking island. She started in 2008 to teach Spanish to kinder and primary school kids. After joining American Airlines Accounting Office in 2008, as a translator and member of the accounting team she used to write in both languages: emails, debt recovery letters, as well participating in conference calls between the Latin Sales Team from Mexico, Central and South America and the English speaking Trinidad Accounting Team.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (South America) to English (US)1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (South America) to English (US)

Maria was an English teacher in her native country Nicaragua, while attending University with a Spanish curriculum. In 2008 she moved to live in Trinidad and Tobago, an English speaking country, where she has the opportunity to teach English and work full time in an English speaking Accounting Office. Actually she teaches Spanish to her kids and writes in English for The Catholic Newspaper of Trinidad and Tobago. As founder member of a Latin Book Club she has the opportunity to continue practicing and expanding her Spanish. Working as an Accountant and translator in American Airlines, allows her to keep a daily practice of her translation skills.

Industry Projects

  • Spirituality100+
  • Women20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Maria was a religion teacher for 15 years in her native country. During this time she had the opportunity to write for her students different christian topics designed for children. Actually in Trinidad she shares her religion reflexion and opinions in English on a catholic newspaper.


When Maria was younger decided to became a lawyer, in order to help others specially women in disadvantage positions. Despite the fact that she doesn't practice law anymore, writing is her way to share knowledge and encouragement to those who doesn't know their rights, specially women.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post500+
  • Direct Mail500+
  • Newsletter Content100+

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Since 2014 Maria owns two local online stores on Facebook. She feeds both pages: since adding description to the products on sales, answering comments, updating status age as well post any promotion or sale.

Direct Mail

Maria has worked since 2011 for American Airlines Accounting office, dealing with Latin America Sales team. All the daily emails sent to her supervisors in Trinidad as well the weekly reports sent to HDQ in Dallas, are in English. She sent an average of 50 emails per week. She owns a local Facebook online store, and the emails sent from the clients are reply as well for her in the native language of the island: English.

Newsletter Content

Maria has written newsletter content in both languages. At a young age she started to write for the school newspaper, and later for the University magazine. Living in Trinidad she volunteer to write for the catholic newspaper in English.

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