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Eduardo started working as a part time freelance translator in 2010, while he worked as product engineer in the automotive field. In 2011, he left his "day job" as engineer, and has been working as a freelance translator full time since then.

He has a specialization certificate in English to Brazilian Portuguese translation and a Master's Degree in Information Engineering.

He has translated and/or proofread comic books, technical specifications and manuals, websites, video games, literature, marketing material, among many other things. The beauty of translation is the variety.

Right now, Eduardo is learning German.



Industry Projects

  • Entertainment20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Eduardo's experience in entertainment includes translating and/or proofreading comic books, literature, video games, books and video subtitles.
Some past projects include:
Friday the 13th the game
Marvel comics (several titles)
The Time Machine by H.G Wells

Product Projects

  • Book10+
  • eBook4

Summary of Product Experience


Eduardo has translated many books for some of Brazil's largest publishers, including Elsevier, Saraiva and Madras. The books' subjects include literature, college textbooks, computer hardware, economics and poker, among others.


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