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After receiving his bachelor degree in IT (2009), Arthur started working as a Budget and Politics Planning Analyst for the Government of São Paulo State. He worked there until 2013, when he became a Fiscal and Tributary Auditor, also for the Government of São Paulo State, which is where he currently works.
Arthur has been working, in parallel, as a translator (Spanish, English and Portuguese).
As a translator, he's been working with Google Devs, translating some of their shows (Polycast, Route 85, Summits) from English to Portuguese. He's also the translator for the LigualBox website, which is an English online school. There are many other side projects he's been part of as a freelancer, such as voice overs, proofreadings and transcriptions.
His focal points are IT, economy and marketing but, being a curious and interested person, he will translate books, general topics, subtitles and a variegated array of materials.


Industry Projects

  • Technology20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Arthur has worked with Google Devs, translating many of their IT shows. Some examples are: Polycast, Android Performance Patterns, Route 85 and Google Dev Summits.

Product Projects

  • Webinar20+

Summary of Product Experience


Arthur has worked with translation in more than 20 projects. Some of them were related to online courses, such as the Polycast, Route 85, Android Performance Patterns and Google Dev Summit shows.