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After she was a graduate fellow in the English department, at the University of Batna; Rabia has persued her studies in Economics. She got her Masters degree in Financial Institutions, where she had to present a thesis in Arabic, but in which she mostly used English papers and researches, translating them into the target language. After receiving her diploma in 2013, she worked with a number of college professors and students, translating papers and articles from and into English/Arabic.


Industry Projects

  • Banking20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Rabia has started her translation experience in this particular industry during college, where she had to present dozens of research papers proposed by university professors in the course of her studies. She would especially use the English language as the resource language for her researches, because most of the topics where difficult, if not impossible, to be found in any other language. She graduated in a specialty called "Money and financial institutions". Since then, she has been translating articles and documents about the banking sector, the stock market, financial institutions, investments, loans, and so on.

Product Projects

  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience


Rabia has translated a dozen of reports for university colleagues and professors. Due to her knowledge and translation capacity in English and Arabic pair, she is highly commited to give the accurate and most appropriate translation of the expressions and especially the technical words in the articles and business papers under work.