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After receiving her PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences Isadora started working as a freelancer translator and proofreader for the pair of languages English>Portuguese variant Brazil, German>Portuguese variant Brazil and French>Portuguese variant Brazil. She worked for companies like MEDINOVA, Olympus, Siemens and VolksWagen. Translating is a wonderful way to practice my linguistic skills whilst supporting my scientific career at its beginning.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)6
  • German to Portuguese (Brazil)3
  • German to French (EU)3
  • French (EU) to Portuguese (Brazil)2

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)

Isadora has been translating from English into her native Portuguese (Brazil) for more than one year. She has translated medical, juridical and engineering texts. Moreover, as a scientist, English is her everyday language at work.

German to Portuguese (Brazil)

Isadora has translated from German to Portuguese (Brazil) mostly in the auto and engineering domain. She has repeatedly translated to VolksWagen do Brasil Ltda. She also translated for other major German companies impanted in Brazil such as Siemens.

German to French (EU)

Isadora has been translating from German and into French, her second native language for the whole past year. She worked in different domains from Medical to Juridical.

French (EU) to Portuguese (Brazil)

Isadora finished her PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences at a prestigious laboratory at Collège de France, Paris. From French family and after several years studying and working in Paris, French represents her second native language. The translation from French and Portuguese (Brazil) is very accurate and fast.

Industry Projects

  • Medical10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Isadora loves Sciences and more particularly Medical Sciences. She worked for companies like MEDINOVA, Siemens and Olympus, in translation projects about pharmacology, medical engineering, and product description. Moreover, her personal scientific experience endows her with in-depth knowledge of terminology related to scientific literature, patients files, amongst others.

Product Projects

  • Product Description3

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Isadora has translated several texts in the Life Sciences, Medicine and Medical Engineering domain. Altogether with her personal experience as a neuroscientist in main laboratories around Europe and Brazil, this experience will guarantee an accurate and polished result.

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