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As a Brazilian currently studying for his Bachelor's in English, Filipe is a very resourceful and attentive translator. He currently works with academic articles for his fellow university students, of varying courses, but also has experience translating internet articles, interviews and literary content. He can work the pair English/Portuguese in any way necessary, for his skill is the same both ways.


Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Filipe has translated gaming interviews for an Orkut community, half a decade ago. He worked on interviews given by Diablo 3's lead developer Jay Wilson. Those interviews usually were lengthy and went into very technical gaming terms and expressions, that Filipe worked into Portuguese with ease.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Filipe has had quite some starting experience with academic articles. Two of them pharmaceutical, four about psychology and two about literature. He executed those flawlessly and didn't miss deadlines.


Filipe, when he was 17, joined forces with a friend over the now-defunct Orkut to translate the book "Demonsbane", a tale following characters based in Blizzard's game Diablo. The project took about a month of communication and cooperation, and the end result was very satisfying for both.

Product Description

One of Filipe's experiences with company-issued work was to translate an air conditioner manual, that span several pages. Such manual was riddled with technical jargon, and made Filipe proud of himself when it was done.