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João is a university teacher based in Madrid (Spain). He translates from Spanish or Portuguese into English (UK/US) as well as from English into Portuguese (BR) and is specialized in several fields such as Marketing, Industry, Education, Business, Software among others. He offers services as a translator, interpreter or idiom teacher (either English teaching or Portuguese teaching).

João has over 30 years working as a freelance translator. His last project on which he has recently worked was the translation of 1000 pages (about 350,000 words) for an educational website regarding how children grow up in the classroom daily activities. In addition, he worked as a university teacher at Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid. There he taught the fields of PUBLICITY, LAW and ADVANCED subjects in English. He also has an HBO Certificate regarding a subtitling course. His last voice-recording project was done for Multimedia Resources. It consisted of dubbing a Spanish psychology documentary into Brazilian Portuguese. The last course he attended was last year at Nebrija University about e-learning. Moreover, he has got a certificate in The Use of The Computer in the English Teaching Approach obtained at PUC University, São Paulo, Brazil.


Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


João has been translating legal documents for over two decades now. Projects such as bids, contracts, deeds, notary's office, supreme court, decrees, divorces, etc. have been dealt with by João.

Product Projects

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Press Release

Encuentro Telefonica – Spain - Dec/15 Translation of Press Releases in-situ for the 2-day event held at IFEMA. From Spanish/English into Portuguese