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Ary has been working as a freelance translator since 2007, and he has worked for companies such as Compassion International, Atlas & Schindler, HP and Microsoft. He is currently finishing his master's degree in IT. He is also a transcreator and a subtitler, which requires of him the ability of being able to deliver translations with the same message, tone and context as the source.



Language Projects

  • Portuguese (Brazil) to English (US)1,000+
  • English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)500+

Summary of Language Experience

Portuguese (Brazil) to English (US)

Ary also works in this pair. He is able to do it, because besides having English as his second native language, he lives in an English/Portuguese environment and teaches both Portuguese and English at private schools.

English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)

Ary began translating in this pair, translating English content into Portuguese. Even though, later, he worked more on the opposite direction - translating Portuguese content into English - the projects he worked in this pair are far bigger than the rest.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment1,000+
  • Software50+
  • Business20+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a subtitler, Ary has worked in more than 5000 minutes of footage, translating, synching and helping in recruitment of new translators and management of projects.
He is currently the main subtitler in the English <-> Portuguese pair for Screens International, in addition to that, he also works for Janus WW and Monal doing the same job.


Ary is responsible for the localization of several pieces of software made by HP to the Brazilian Market.


Ary used to be a manager in a factory, and due to his experience in this field, he translated a few articles, reports, emails and courses related to managing, engineering and business.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video1,000+
  • Mobile Content50+
  • Article20+
  • Presentation10+

Summary of Product Experience


Ary is a professional subtitler, and he has translated and time-coded more than 5 thousand minutes of raw material.
He has worked on projects in different languages, some alien to him, time-coding the subtitles.

Mobile Content

Ary has worked for HP as a translator, providing localization to several pieces of software.


Ary has translated a few articles about politics and humanities for portals like Uol and IG as a freelancer. He always delivers his translations and articles inside the 24-hour deadline, prioritizing the right projects in order to accomplish that.


Ary have worked as a QA agent (quality assurance agent) for HP, via Janus WW. He was responsible to assure the quality of a training course about counterfeit products and the actions needed to prevent it.

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