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Thiago is a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker with 10+ years professional experience in numerous technical fields, a BA in Linguistics and he has worked as in-house translator for General Electric Brazil, being responsible for the company's documents in Brazil and South America. His expertise: Software, Web content, Engineering (general), Business, Medical.


Industry Projects

  • Business100+
  • Software500+
  • Entertainment100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Thiago has many years experience helping customers in multilingual communication. He worked for Tetra Pak in the deployment of new machines in Brazil, translating both technical material and business letters from the company.


Thiago has over 10 years of working experience with Information Technology and web content. He worked for large software companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, as well as in localization projects of mobile applications. Thiago is a member of the translation team of Linux Debian, and a member of the translation team of Reddit.com.


Thiago was involved in several large translation projects in tourism, sports (for the Olympic games 2016 in Rio), film subtitling, and general entertainment.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement100+
  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience


Thiago has worked for the advertisement industry since 2006. Clients include over 20 companies listed as the top 100 largest companies in the world (Apple, General Electric, Samsung, etc.)

Web Page

Thiago has over 10 years of working experience with web content. He was responsible for translating the official material from GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Brazil and Latin America.