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Denise Bobadilha is a Portuguese/English interpreter and translator and a journalist. For more than 20 years, she has been writing for magazines, websites and corporate projects in an large array of areas that goes from travel to medicine.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)20+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Portuguese (Brazil)

Denise has been providing translations for several companies in the last 20 years. Recent assingments include medical and health documents, geotechnical reports and travel articles.

Industry Projects

  • Bio/Pharm4

Summary of Industry Experience


Denise has translated articles for magazines, leaflets and websites.

Product Projects

  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience


Denise has been translating from English since the late 90s, when she lived in London for two years. Some of the projects included articles for cultural magazines, travel websites, medical equipment texts, geotechnical reports, enthomology articles, health and medicine info, environment and social essays, etc.

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