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After successfully graduating from the Grenoble 3 - Stendhal university with a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages, Jocelin looked for some experience before starting as a freelance translator.
During an entire year, he had many projects, ranging from general to business/finance-related translations for the account of UNO-backed associations. One of them in particular, Teach A Man To Fish, provided him with several translations all year long (business manuals, emails, brochures). He also worked on various plateforms: website translations, subtitling, PDF-based.
With his newfound experience and not a single bad review on his work, he then started his career as a freelancer. Latest significant jobs were one month of translation/proofreading for an online shop selling beauty products and starting as a subtitler for the Deluxe Media company. Other smaller jobs have been about translating various products (hygiene products for pets, DIY products) as well for private individuals.


Industry Projects

  • Business10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Business is at the heart of Jocelin's translations. Not only it is the field he majored translation in, it is also what makes most of his volunteer experience before he went freelance. Business plans, business guides, mails and many others were the usual work he had all year long.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

With dozens of product description, Jocelin has a sound experience in this category. His biggest project was about the translation/correction of hundreds of cosmetics products for an online shop. Other experiences in this category are various, from pet products to chairs.