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Danila is an English to Russian translator who has a vast experience in localizing video games and translating marketing materials.
He has been working in the video games area on the regular basis for about five years. Usually he translates both video games and all the supplementary materials such as marketing, press releases, game descriptions, etc. One of his regular clients is Turner Broadcasting for whom he has translated most of the recent mobile games and related materials including Cartoon Network titles. He has also worked on localization of such games as Star Wars: Uprising, Vainglory, Firefall, Kritika, Darkness Reborn, etc.
As a marketing translator, Danila has been working mainly in travel and TV industries, but he can handle any translation job that requires a creative touch. He has translated various marketing documents for such companies as TripAdvisor, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, Fine Living, Rixos Hotels, Mamas & Papas, etc.


Industry Projects

  • Gaming100+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Marketing100+
  • Travel50+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Food50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Danila is an avid gamer who loves video and mobile games and tries to deliver the product he would enjoy himself. The quality of the game localization is of paramount importance to him. Danila has participated in localization of many various games including Cartoon Network mobile titles, Vainglory, Star Wars: Uprising, Firefall, Kritika, Darkness Reborn, Super Stickman Golf 3, etc.


Danila has translated a lot of marketing and other materials in the entertainment field, from gaming websites to TV show descriptions. The long list of his satisfied clients includes Cartoon Network, Travel Channel, Discovery, E! Entertainment, TLC, Food Network, Fine Living, Super Evil Megacorp, etc.


Danila has been working in the marketing field for about 5 years for such companies as Cartoon Network, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, Panasonic, Kabam, Super Evil Megacorp, Mamas & Papas, etc. He knows how to provide an appealing and engaging result that will resonate with the audience.


Danila has translated many projects in the travel industry for such clients as TripAdvisor and Rixos Hotels. Besides, he has been continuously working on various tasks for Travel Channel that gave him a deeper knowledge in this area.


Danila has worked on many kids-related projects, from web pages and mobile games for Cartoon Network channel to product descriptions and marketing materials for Mamas & Papas company. He is able to find the perfectly right tone for translations addressed to both children and parents.


Danila has been working on various translation tasks for Food Network channel on the regular basis. This gave him a deep knowledge of different cuisines from all over the world and the ability to adapt English culinary texts to Russian with respect to local specifics.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+
  • Mobile Content100+
  • Web Page100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Danila has translated a lot of product descriptions, from app descriptions in the App Store for Turner Broadcasting to descriptions of Mamas & Papas' child products or Rixos Hotels' services.

Mobile Content

Localization of mobile games is one of Danila's main fields of expertise. He has localized various apps for such companies as Cartoon Network, Kabam, Gamevil, Super Evil Megacorp, and others. Danila has worked on localization of many popular titles including Vainglory, Star Wars: Uprising, Steven Universe: Attack the Light, Adventure Time: Card Wars, etc.

Web Page

Danila has worked on translation of many websites for a wide range of clients from TripAdvisor to Cartoon Network and Vainglory. His skills are perfectly suited for any text that needs a creative and engaging translation.