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María is a Freelance Spanish Translator and Transcreator who currently live in Spain. She thinks life is for living, that's why she spent a lot of time thinking what would be her dream job. Now, she's proud to say that she found it and she's been enjoying it for four years now.

She has a B.A. in Tourism and a B.A. in Advertising. As a curious person, she never ceased to learn, so she did a course on EN>ES Translation. Now she has +4 years experience in the linguistic/creative industries and is always willing to step into an exciting project that requires writing or translating.


Industry Projects

  • Beauty5
  • Fashion10+
  • Women3
  • Green Products3
  • Travel10+

Summary of Industry Experience


María has translated for beauty brands directly and through agencies and she likes it a lot.


María loves fashion and has been involved in the adaptation of many Fashion campaigns.


As fashion and beauty is related to women, Maria would be delighted to translate content who is written for women.

Green Products

María thinks a healthy lifestyle is the best you can get, so she's really familiarized with this kind of content.


Mary loves to travel and has translated beautiful text about travelling. She also has a B.A. in Tourism

Product Projects

  • Advertisement10+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Presentation10+
  • Newsletter Content10+
  • Script/Video4
  • Banner Ad10+
  • Twitter Post50+
  • Web Page5
  • White Paper5
  • Product Description100+
  • Facebook Post50+

Summary of Product Experience


María has translated slogans, body copies and all kind of Advertising and Marketing related content.

Blog Post

María has translated (and written) a lot of blog posts in her career as a writer/translator. She knows a bit about SEO and Social Media too.


María has experience translating business presentations and also writing them.

Newsletter Content

Marías has translated many newsletters. The last project she has been involved in is a fitness project.


María loves to watch videos and commercials. She has experience adapting and translating Advertising Scripts.

Banner Ad

As a Marketing Translator, Translating Banner Ads is one of Maria's specialties and she loves to do it.

Twitter Post

María was an experience community manager once, so she really understand the 'science'between a Twitter post: keep it short and clear and thinking about the target and the conversion.

Web Page

María has experience translating web page content and localising it.

White Paper

María has translated (and written) some white papers in her career. She finds it really interesting as she can learn along the process.

Product Description

Mary is used to translate product description and she has done for a few websites and brands.

Facebook Post

María was an experience community manager once, so she really understand the 'science'between a Facebook post: keep it short and clear, and thinking about the target and the conversion.