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After receiving her Master degree in ICT & Translation from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 2008, Annemarieke has been working fulltime as a freelance translator and proofreader English-Dutch for several translation agencies, such as Wordhouse Translations and Wilkens c.s. Annemarieke also works as a subtitler English-Dutch for organizations such as SDI Media. She has also gained experience with literary translations, working for different publishing houses such as Harper Collins, Textcase and Xander Uitgeverij, translating both fiction and nonfiction



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Dutch500+
  • English (UK) to Dutch100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Dutch

Annemarieke has been translating from American English into her native Dutch for 10 years. She has spent a summer in the US in 2003 and has travelled there for longer periods numerous times since then, so she knows the culture very well. She has a lot of experience in subtitling television shows and movies for the Dutch viewers. She is accurate and works very well with the pressure of a deadline.

English (UK) to Dutch

Annemarieke has been translating from British English into her native Dutch for 10 years. In '02-'03 she spent a year studying in Leicester, England, so she is very familiar with the culture. For her work, she has gained experience with translating, proofreading and subtitling. She is accurate and works very well with the pressure of a deadline.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment500+
  • Publishing10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Annemarieke has 10 years of experience subtitling entertainment programmes, such as television series, movies, DVD featurettes and documentaries. Programmes include NCIS LA, ER, The Good Wife, Weeds and many more. She is used to working with strict deadlines and aims to provide high quality translations under pressure.


Annemarieke has been working as a freelance translator for several publishing houses, translating fiction and nonfiction, such as books for Wilbur Smith, a trilogu for Indigo Bloome and an Italian cook book. She had also gained experience in proofreading books before they go to print.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video500+
  • Other100+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Annemarieke has subtitled well over 500 television programmes, movies, documentaries and DVD featurettes for companies such as SDI Media. She also has experience with translating scripts for television series from Dutch to English.


Annemarieke has lots of experience with proofreading translations for other people. These include annual reports, marketing articles, resumes, powerpoint presentations and brochures. She has also proofread books for publishing houses, checking for grammer and layout, prior to them going to print.


Annemarieke has translated around 15 books from English to Dutch. She has experience in both fiction and nonfiction. Projects include historical fiction books by the author Wilbur Smith, part of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and an Italian cook book. With some of these projects, she has also worked in a team with other translators, working together to create the best possible final product.

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