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After obtaining his Master's Degree in Literary translation in 2011, Thomas worked for two years as a translator for the French Ambassador to Belgium. He then traveled the world for a year while continuing working on some large translation projects for human rights NGOs, before fully establishing himself as a freelance translator in his home town in 2014. His main areas of expertise are journalism, international relations, human and social rights, arts and literature.


Industry Projects

  • Non Profit50+

Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

Thomas has been working steadily with several NGOs for a number of years and has translated a great deal of large and smaller projects dealing with human rights defenders, agricultural and rural development, social justice and other subjects.

Product Projects

  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience


Thomas has translated a vast number of press articles, press releases, magazine contributions and many more types of documents in the general field of journalism and publishing, mostly from Dutch but also to a lesser extent from English and Spanish to French.