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Since gaining a BA (Hons) in French and Spanish from Exeter University in the UK and a further degree from Rennes 2 in France in applied languages and business, Anna has translated as part of her career in food and drink marketing for over 12 years, firstly at a specialist PR agency in the UK and then in-house at a winery group in Spain. With a Level 4 Diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust she specialises in marketing documents related to wine, spirits and food.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (EU) to English (UK)100+
  • French (EU) to English (UK)50+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (EU) to English (UK)

Anna has been resident in Spain for over 5 years and worked for a major winery company where she regularly translated presentations, marketing materials, technical information and wine labels. She has worked as a freelance translator since October 2014 and, as well as documents relating to wine and spirits, she has also translated a wide number of business texts including press releases, new business presentations, websites, adverts and technical documents for food and drink manufacturers, property developers, hotels and restaurants and PR agencies.

French (EU) to English (UK)

Anna spent a year studying languages and business at Rennes 2 University in France before moving back to the UK to work in food and drink marketing. During her career she has worked for many French wine brands, including Mouton Cadet and Champagne Lanson. As part of her position she was required to translate documents from French to English and act as interpreter on press trips to France. Since becoming a freelance translator in October 2014 she has translated a number of texts from French to English including wine and spirit and travel and tourism marketing texts, blog posts, CVs and business documents.

Industry Projects

  • Food100+
  • Travel8

Summary of Industry Experience


Anna has translated restaurant menus, pitch documents and advertising scripts for brands including Pastoret dairy products, Mahou and Puleva. She loves to cook and eat out at restaurants.


Anna has translated a number of travel and tourism related texts, including reports, studies, websites and articles.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+
  • Press Release9
  • Blog Post8
  • Presentation8
  • Radio Spot5
  • Brochure3

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Anna regularly translates product descriptions and technical information sheets for the beverage sectors with full technical knowledge of the winemaking and distilling processes, guaranteeing an accurate result. Having worked in-house as a Brand Manager, Anna understands the requirements of a marketing team in terms of creating attractive, accurate texts.

Press Release

Having worked for over 8 years in a PR agency in the UK Anna has a great deal of experience drafting and translating press releases.

Blog Post

I have translated a number of blog posts from both French and Spanish to English, including blogs on travel/tourism, wine and spirits, food and restaurant reviews and those relating to medical research.


I have translated a number of presentations for PR and advertising agencies pitching for new clients in the travel and tourism, financial and FMCG sectors

Radio Spot

Anna has translated a number of advertising texts, scripts for videos and radio spots.


I have translated a number of marketing brochures and booklets for the wine and spirit sector.

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