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Jorge has a BA in Dramatic Arts, and he mainly works as a theatre actor and director. To help himself economically he has worked writing and translating (English/Spanish/English) for different web sites and platforms. Jorge has worked as a voice-over actor for educational projects in Spanish and English. He worked as English teacher in elementary school with a TKT Certification by Cambridge University from 2003 to 2005.

He also worked as a Spanish teacher and interpreter in India for over a year.
As a dramatist he was able to write a play that was successfully performed in many stages. He also translated Shakespeare “A midsummer night dream” for a school project that was performed years later as a professional play.
As a writer and a translator for Centro Cultural Dragón de Jade and Difusión cultural UNAM he was entrusted with the task of translating press articles. As a freelancer translator he worked for different blogs and websites covering specially Arts, Marketing, Technology, and Traveling among other topics.


Industry Projects

  • High Tech100+

Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

Jorge enjoys discovering new topics every time he writes content for blogs or translates an article. Last year he was writing short articles about Home Tech, while he was doing those articles he started to learn more and more about the topic. So even when the work was over, he continued following blogs and reading about Home Tech. He is passionate about learning new stuff.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video20+

Summary of Product Experience


As an actor and playwright Jorge has read many scripts in both languages, sometimes he has to make adaptations of each one of the works he gets involved just to make sure everyone gets the idea of what they will perform. He is passionate about style and language symbolism.