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After teaching English for over 5 years in Brazil and a 24 month living abroad experience, Talita is now working as a freelances translator, to experiment new endeavours.



Industry Projects

  • Food50+
  • Business20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Talita is a food lover. She has translated over 60 official papers related to the food industry. She has translated menus for restaurants, passages of cooking books, recipes,articles about food and culinary history, she has written papers about food culture. She boosted her knowledge after graduating in culinary, that was when her network exponentially increased.


As a bachelor in business, Talita has had the opportunity to translate papers, articles, power point presentations and book summaries.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Other20+

Summary of Product Experience


Talita has translated over 50 academic articles and artciles for magazines. She has a vast experience with business terminology, culinary terminology and environmental terminology. While she was studying for her bachelor business management degree she started to work with translation, dealing with many academic topics.


Talita has translated over 30 recommendation letters, business and personal letters. She has worked as a freelancer translator for a bilingual school in Rio de Janeiro, and translated documents and letters for the teachers and students.

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