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After receiving her Bachelor's degree in translation studies from Tishreen university in 2014, Hala worked as a freelance translator for translation agencies providing translation and interpretation services to clients where needed. She was involved in converting documents and articles from English into Arabic and ensuring that the finished converted articles relay the intended message as clearly as possible. Hala also gained experience in proofreading, editing, subtitling and revision in both Arabic and English, and was tasked with translating papers on several topics for publishing companies, and for individual clients.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Arabic20+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Arabic

Hala is a multi-skilled, reliable and talented translator with a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language. She is a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively with people from all social and professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate and fully aware of diversity and multicultural issues. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise and at the same time remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries. She is an Arabic native speaker, and as a translator she has 4+ years of experience working remotely as a freelance translator.

Industry Projects

  • Politics5

Summary of Industry Experience


In political translation Hala uses simple, clear language to ensure that everyone can understand what she writes. Hala writes clearly and with intellectual rigor.

Product Projects

  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience


While translating various articles on different subjects, Hala makes sure to transmit the full message accurately, and with every shade of meaning, and with due regard to all of the cultural and social realities of the parties in question.

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