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Lillian is a native Spanish/English speaker. She is the co-translator for the novel, The Only Road (published by Simon and Schuster) and regularly translates documents at work.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (South America) to English (US)20+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (South America) to English (US)

Lillian regularly translates documents and correspondences at work from Spanish to English and English to Spanish for non-native speakers. She has also been educated in both languages.

Industry Projects

  • Publishing1

Summary of Industry Experience


Lillian provided the translation for the book description for the novel The Only Road.

Product Projects

  • Other20+
  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience


Lillian regularly translates work emails and employee guidelines for non-English speakers. She is also responsible for translating any written correspondence from Spanish to English.


Lillian is the co-translator of the novel, "The Only Road" where she used various Central American dialects to depict the individual characters and how they would speak.

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