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After receiving her diploma as a Sworn Translator, Maria Veronica began working as a freelance translator for several clients. After a while, she was admitted as in-house translator for an important Argentinian Governmental Institution while keeping some of her previous clients. She is hard-working and detailed-oriented.


Industry Projects

  • Health7
  • Marketing6

Summary of Industry Experience


Maria Veronica has also participated in some healthcare projects. Specifically, she has translated and proofread projects regarding the introduction of Spanish-speaking citizens into the healthcare system in the US.


Maria Veronica has translated and participated in marketing projects many times. She likes the challenges of this type of texts and she is fond of participating in many company's marketing activities to help them expand and achieve clients around the globe.

Product Projects

  • Other6

Summary of Product Experience


Maria Veronica has experience in brochures, economic articles, medicine, marketing and management texts, as well as, texts from the oil and gas industry.

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