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After graduating with Master's degree in Public Relations from University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Anna was working and freelancing in multiple, mostly scuba diving related companies all over the world. She has big experience in translating promotional materials and creative texts on general topics, assisting in web-page localization and managing two-way Russian/English email communication.



Industry Projects

  • Web Development10+
  • Sports10+
  • Business1

Summary of Industry Experience

Web Development

Anna was translating job projects for a web-design firm in Russia which was searching for the way to get on the international markets. But it's not her favorite experience because of lack of area knowledge


Being a professional scuba-diving instructor, Anna has translated lots of promotional and educational materials for diving-centers.


She was translating a magazine article on leadership trainings for managers for the web-page.

Product Projects

  • Product Description5

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Anna translated descriptions for Scuba Diving courses, provided by her employer company for the Russian version of the website.

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