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Born in Venezuela, Ana immigrated to the United States in 2009 and now lives in Florida. She pursued a major in Asian Studies and a minor in Translation and Interpretation. Once she completed her Bachelor's degree, she began working full time as a freelance translator and interpreter.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)10+
  • Japanese to Spanish (South America)4

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Ana has been translating from English into Spanish for five years. She started as a volunteer for Broward College and now works full time as a translator. Her areas of specialty include websites, blog posts, academic essays and scientific publications.

Japanese to Spanish (South America)

Ana has been translating Japanese texts for over a year. She focuses on audiovisual material, such as anime, manga and TV series.

Industry Projects

  • Gaming6

Summary of Industry Experience


Ana loves gaming. She first started translating games in 2013, when she became the chief translator for the text based game Fate/Stay Night. She has also localized MMOs for R2 Games and Nexon.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Script/Video6

Summary of Product Experience


Ana has translated over 35 articles in the pharmacological and life sciences fields. There are published in print, online or both.

Blog Post

Ana has translated over twenty blog posts in a variety of subjetc, from creative writing to advertising.


Ana has participated in projects involving transcription and subtitling. She has localized series from Japanese and English into Latin American Spanish.

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