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After receiving her bachelor’s degree in International Economics & Management from the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau in 2014, Pamela has been working fulltime as a freelance translator English-German for different types like websites, articles, press releases, letters, books, games/apps, travel itineraries and so on. Since she started her translator’s career in April 2015, her customers have always been very satisfied with the quality, reliance, efficiency and speed of her work. Pamela has a huge field of interest and can therefore translate in a variety of different topics. Excluded from this range are specific topics like the medical, technical and legal field as a special education is required for these cases. Apart from that Pamela is always happy to receive interesting translation requests from all over the world.


Industry Projects

  • Travel20+

Summary of Industry Experience


As mentioned before, Pamela specialised in the travel branche.

Product Projects

  • Book1
  • Web Page20+
  • Facebook Post20+
  • Mobile Content5

Summary of Product Experience


Pamela has written one book about Potty Training in December 2015.

Web Page

Pamela has translated a a variety of different websites. Her favourite texts and her specialisation is the travel industry.

Facebook Post

Pamela has been translating Facebook posts for an Indian travel agency.

Mobile Content

Pamela has been translating a variety of different apps/games (In-App/In-Game texts and descriptions).