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After having worked for five years in a translation agency as a translator, editor and PM, Cristina realized that she was ready to face new challenges. At present, as a freelance translator (from German and English into Spanish), she can earn her living doing what she really likes: translating and learning foreign languages. Moreover, she works as a part-time lecturer at university. This allows her to share her experience and passion for this job with her students.


Industry Projects

  • Food100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Health100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Cristina worked for five years in a translation project on food safety so she has great knowledge of this and other related topics (nutrition, trade, laboratory analyses, European and American institutions' legislation, etc.).


Cristina, while working in a translation agency for five years, was the translator, editor and manager of a project consisting of translating loss adjusters' reports from German and English into Spanish. The texts obviously comprised very different themes (fire, theft, weather conditions, buildings, car crashes, product manufacturing defects, medical issues, etc.).


Cristina has translated dozens of texts related to health and medicine (from informative texts to medical reports or specialised articles) from German and English into Spanish. She enjoys this type of translation as it deals with topics of great concern for her.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+
  • Other100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Nearly every week Cristina has to prepare the contents of online translation courses for one of her clients, where she always includes a translation sample (from German or English into Spanish). This normally consists of a 300-word text taken from informative web pages.


Cristina is a versatile translator with plenty of experience in translating all types of texts from German and English into Spanish (medical reports, legal documents, food safety notifications, insurance policies, press releases on varied subjects, etc.).