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When Anna graduated from Electrical Engineering University of Saint Petersburg Russia, she worked as an administrator in an international development company, and as a professor of English at schools, but switched to pure freelance EN>RU translation activity about 15 years ago.



Industry Projects

  • Travel1,000+
  • Education1,000+
  • Health1,000+
  • Sports100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Anna is working with many companies that have need in the translation of touristic texts on regular basis. The texts vary, from business letters to hotels descriptions. Also she translated many menus.


Anna translated certificates, diplomas, students assessments, websites of edicational institutions and many other similar documents for agencies and direct clients. Sample of school disctrict assessment is provided (without names)


Anna is an active contributor of the charity companies, such as Translators without Borders and some others. The sample of TWB text is provided below.


Anna has a vivid interest to healthy lifestlyle, yoga and pilatess. She got her certificate of a fitness trainer and has some experience of the translation in this field.

Product Projects

  • Presentation1,000+
  • Article100+
  • Brochure100+
  • Script/Video50+
  • Web Page500+
  • Book50+

Summary of Product Experience


Anna is working as freelance translator for 15 years and has significant experience in numerous fields. She has profound experience in the following fields: tourism, history of cinema and theater, music, engineering, ecology, renewable energies, materials of UN, WHO, ILO, medical translation, cosmetics and pharma, games, sports.


Anna has translated many medical projects. Medical papers (hospital) for a translation company and marketing materials for hospitals and spa Translating of medical presentations: Palliative Care Nursing Assessment and Symptom Management at the End of Life (client Multilingual Connections from Chicago, USA) Cooperation with Translators without Borders Organization starting from 2015 Words translated: 42,931 words. The clients: American Red Cross, Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Refugee Center Online, World Health Organization (WHO), Smile Train (international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate).


Anna often translates documents and materials that can be considered as general law translation. Among the topics are children and women rights, correspondence of a Law firm, interviews in court, transribing of court interviews and similar projects. Both small and relatively long term projects.


Anna is passionate about cinema and she translated about 50 films, both movies and documentaries. Mostly she works with subtitiles but she had a chance to translate from video directly as well.

Web Page

Anna has translated many web pages. Torusim is one of the favorite topics. She is cooperating with tourism agencies on regular basis. References are upon request. She translated descriptions of hotels, spa, transfer services, museums and many others.


Anna is passionate about history. She has deep knowlodge about American history, World Wars I and II, Russian history of 19 and 20 centuries, history of Europe in cultural aspect. History of religions. She has translated about 50 articles and one book of 300 pages.