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Astrid is an English-Spanish translator from Mexico. She has experience in video game localization; as well as, technical, and social services translation. She invest herself in the proyect she's on to make sure the end result is well received by her client.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Spanish (South America)5

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Spanish (South America)

Astrid has been translating from English into Spanish for two years, and practiced for 5 years as an student, and two as a professional. She likes to read, listen and practice the English language as much as she can. She loves translation so she can work in any kind of document that is presented to her

Industry Projects

  • Gaming10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Astrid has localized video games and some of their content. Her experience in her last job included a Harry Potter video game, among other mobile games. The video games she localized where for different audiences.

Product Projects

  • Mobile Content10+

Summary of Product Experience

Mobile Content

Astrid has translated mobile content, especially video games. Her experience in her last job included a Harry Potter video game, and other mobile games. For said games, she also translated some marketing documents.

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