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After receiving a BA+ degree in English and French (with honours) in 2001, Yevgeny had been working as an in-house English-Russian translator/interpreter at international law firms and a ‘Big Four’ audit firm in Moscow, Russia, for over 10 years. He currently operates as a freelance translator, serving professional services firms, including his former employers, translation agencies, speciliast consultancies and brand-name online businesses. He has a strong insight into his areas of specialty, maintaining linguistic form through everyday work and specialist translator trainings. For more information on his translator's profile, please check out his website and his translators' online community webpage


Industry Projects

  • Legal100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Yevgeny is a professional legal translator. In his 13-year term of employment with international law firms, he dealt with all kinds of legal texts, including court and transactional documents. Yevgeny mastered industry-specific terminology, acquired knowledge of the subtleties of law and legal systems, took specialist training for non-lawyers working in the legal domain, grew professionally through everyday contact with legal practitioners.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Yevgeny has translated more than 70 press releases for large corporate accounts of his employers. His multi-year experience with PR materials, his linguistic expertise and perfectionist zeal are valuable tools enabling him to produce accurate, well-written, for-publication level texts.