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Lilia is a certified translator and holds a degree in German language and literature from Saint Petersburg State University. She has over 15 years of experience in technical, financial and legal translation. Main areas (preferable subjects): road building equipment, road construction and technology; mechanical engineering; pumps and pumping equipment; metalworking processing; wood processing; lifting equipment; HVAC; Marketing, accounting, logistics, Contracts (tenancy, sale, vendor, engagement, investment etc.); founding and charter documents, certificates etc.



Language Projects

  • German to Russian50+

Summary of Language Experience

German to Russian

Lilia has been translating from German into Russian for over 15 years. She lived, worked and studied in Germany and now he has native speaker competence.

Industry Projects

  • Legal20+
  • Marketing10+
  • Construction5

Summary of Industry Experience


Lilia has been translating legal documentation over 15 years, besides she attended a course of lectures in international economic law.


Lilia has the vast experience in both fields marketing and management.


As a fulltime translator/interpreter in a road building company, Lilia has gained the wide real life experience working by commission and startups, commercial negotiations and translating of technical documents.

Product Projects

  • Other100+
  • Product Description50+
  • Catalog10+

Summary of Product Experience


Lilia has translated more than 100 contracts, founding and charter documents, certificates etc.

Product Description

Over then 50 product descriptions in Lilia's portfolio.


Lilia has translated over 100 catalogue and manuals in various technical fields

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