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Elena has over 35 years of experience in interpretation and translation. Her main areas of expertise are Medicine (clinical trials, medical research, public health management, pharmaceutics, medical statistics, etc.); Agriculture (agricultural economics and statistics, animal health, plant protection, etc.); Legal (laws and regulations, by-laws and other incorporation documents, contracts and agreements); Economics and accounting (including National Accounts System and GDP).


Industry Projects

  • Medical100+
  • Agriculture100+
  • Legal100+
  • Food50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Over 30 years of experience in English-Russian and Russian-English translation of clinical trials, medical records, public health, pharmaceutics, medical research, etc.


Since 1996 Elena has been working as a freelance translator and interpreter with National Agricultural Statistics Service, US Department of Agriculture, Washington DC. She completed a lot of translation and interpretation projects, including conferences, workshops, official meetings, reports and papers on sample survey design and procedure, reports and training materials, agricultural census organization and management, etc.


Elena has a vast experience in translation of legal documents, specifically, laws and regulations (including EU regulations on business and agricultural statistics, index compilation manuals,etc.), contracts and agreements for a number of US and Russian clients.


For over 15 years Elena has been translating documents and papers on food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary safety measures, milk consumption and probiotics, etc.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Elena has translated over 200 articles on various subjects, including medical research, drug safety, agricultural and business statistics, agricultural sample survey design and procedure, general economics, GDP culculation and reporting, National Accounts System, nuclear forensics, HIV and human rights, civil society, etc.