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Oleg completed a 5-year MA Translation course in the Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod. He worked as in-house translator in OKBM (nuclear industry) and Fat-and-Oil Plant (food industry) and has become a freelancer since 2008. Oleg has been involved in a great number of translation projects and received positive feedback from many clients. Oleg's motto is "Quality is Priority!"


Industry Projects

  • Insurance10+
  • Pets3
  • Health5
  • Technology100+
  • Construction10+
  • Auto5
  • Travel100+
  • Beauty5

Summary of Industry Experience


Oleg has been doing medical insurance translations for a USA-based insurance company.


Oleg was involved in marketing translations on pet products.


Oleg has been involved in translation of a number or health-related files and presenations for an international scientific conference, including those on HIV problems


Oleg has translated lots of technical documents, data sheets, product descriptions of fans, pumps, pressure vessels and other types of equipment. Those were large and smaller projects fron varous clients.


Oleg has been part of a huge construction project involving documents on carpentry, rigging, cranes, scaffolding, concrete finishing etc.


Oleg has been involved in several automobile projects, including truck descriptions.


Oleg has been part of a number of projects related to travel indistry. He is currently involved in www.booking.com project (translation/aditing hotel descriptions).


Oleg did a number of projects in the beauty/fashion field.

Product Projects

  • Brochure50+
  • Book3
  • Data Sheet50+
  • Newsletter Content10+
  • Presentation50+

Summary of Product Experience


Oleg translated over 50 brochures in technical, construction, HEO, medical insurance fields and some other.


Oleg once translated several books about "one of the greatest mystics of our time".

Data Sheet

Oleg has translated lots of technical data sheets, like pump, electrical equipment and instrumentation data sheets.

Newsletter Content

Oleg translated a number of newsletters for a health insurance company.


Oleg translated over 50 presentations in all kinds of fields: technical, medical, marketing etc.