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Alex is a freelance translator, interpreter and language teacher from Russia with 12+ years of experience, a holder of MA in English and German teaching. After graduating from the University in 2000 (Qualification “Philologist, English and German Teacher”) he taught languages at the State Lyceum. Three years later Alex started career of translator at one of the biggest Russian companies, producer & distributor of household appliances & consumer electronics, based in Moscow. At non-office hours he worked for various translation agencies, translating different kinds of texts and permanently improving his language skills. Now Alex is a full-time freelance translator specialized in business, marketing, advertising, e-commerce, consumer electronics, agriculture, shipping, manufacturing, SW & website localization, medicine (general), photography, music, etc. I have been successfully collaborating with a number of localization services. As a native Russian speaker and qualified philologist I can guarantee the utmost quality & grammatical correctness of translations.
Reliable, diligent, careful, client-oriented, full-time worker.
Available for short- or long-term projects.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Russian1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Russian

Alex has a vast experience in translating texts of any complexity. He started to learn English in Primary school and continued to study it at the University, where he received the MA degree in English philology. As an interpreter and translator at the biggest national companies Alex was constantly communicating with English native-speakers and translating numerous docs and texts, day-by-day improving his language skills. His passion for travelling also helped him to better understand peculiarities of the English language and culture.

Industry Projects

  • Technology500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Having a mechanical intelligence, Alex always keeps track of the modern technology development and reads a lot of technical articles. He loves to study the new technologies and operating peculiarities of equipment and strives to constantly improve his professional & language skills. During his work at Golder Electronics LLC - the leading producer & distributor of electronics in Russia - Alex took a chance to get acquainted with all ins and outs of manufacturing processes.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Alex is especially good at translating articles, press-releases, presentations, user guides, owner's manuals, technical reports, ets. He has got an extensive experience in translation & proofreading of such texts during his work for biggest Russian and international companies (Golder Electronics, WINX, ICanLocalize, Bulk-Flow and others). As a native Russian speaker & qualified philologist Alex can guarantee the utmost quality & grammatical correctness of translations as well as 100% on-time delivery.

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