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My professional background is in journalism/ communication/ marketing/ mass media and I am also widely read in a variety of areas, including technology, tourism, fashion, beauty, history and social sciences. I have professional translation experience for over eight years in the fields of mass media (breaking news, articles, newsletters, brochures, reports, press releases), marketing, science, technology and education, business, sports, beauty and social work and previously served as reporter and editor of international Mass Media.

In my own view, the *sine qua non* of any effective translator is a complete mastery of his or her native tongue. I have to offer any potential client or colleague both this essential skill as well as a solid foundation in the English and Italian languages, which I have studied and worked with intensively for many years. I will work hard to precisely and elegantly translate any text that is placed in my trust.

I am currently working as a freelancer, as well as a reporter/editor of texts in the Spanish/English languages, and I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate on projects, large or small, within the subject areas that I am familiar with.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (EU)100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (EU)

Marta has been translating from English to her native Spanish for over eight years. Because she lived in California for several years, Marta knows the English language and culture very well. Although she lives in Madrid now, she still goes back to the US regularly. She will work hard to precisely and elegantly translate any text that is placed in her trust.

Industry Projects

  • High Tech50+

Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

Marta loves high tech. She has traslated hundreds of articles, press releases, newsletters, high tech projects, product descriptions and other texts for high tech companies like UPM, Google and Ing Doro.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Marta has translated more than 100 reports, press releases, product descriptions, newsletters content, scripts, articles, advertisements, presentations, brochures for companies and institutions like the Technical University of Madrid UPM, Google, ING DORO and IO Cosmetica. She has over ten years of experience with business, science and IT terminology, guaranteeing an accurate result.

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