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Juan received his BachelorĀ“s Degree in Law and in Translation almost simultaneously. After working 15 years as a lawyer he realized that translating was his passion and that he was a natural for simultaneous interpretation. He currently provides services for multiple industries (telcos; insurance cos.; law firms; automotive; consumers` goods; accounting and audit firms) both as a translator and interpreter. Detail-oriented, he loves challenges and ongoing study.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)1,000+
  • Portuguese (Brazil) to Spanish (South America)20+
  • Italian to Spanish (South America)1

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Juan has been translating from English into his native Spanish for +25 years. Despite living in South America, European Spanish presents no difficulty to him, and he is familiar with several variants of Spanish (localization). He studied English in the US for three months (College and homestay experience 1981) and has perfected his English language skills since then. He travels to Europe and to the USA on a regular basis. His broad cultural background, detailed approach and thorough study allow him handle almost any text with proficiency.

Portuguese (Brazil) to Spanish (South America)

Juan has been translating from Portuguese into Spanish for the last five years. He discovered his passion for Portuguese at his early 20's (when traveling to Brazil for holidays) and then studied Portuguese intensively. He also performs as interpreter PT>SP; PT>EN.

Italian to Spanish (South America)

Juan has Italian ancestors (his grandfather came to Argentina from Emilia Romagna - Ferrara) and holds strong bonding with his Italian relatives and friends. He visits Italy frequently. While working as a lawyer he closed some deals for Latin America. Mastering Italian made the difference. He does not currently translate into this language combination (lack of demand), though he has worked as consecutive interpreter IT>EN>SP

Industry Projects

  • Finance50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Juan feels comfortable translating Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Annual Reports, Earning Results

Product Projects

  • White Paper100+

Summary of Product Experience

White Paper

Juan has translated more than 350 reports including whitepapers, annual reports, brochures, etc. addressing various topics

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