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After finding out her passion for translating and subtitling, Rocío started living her dream as a English into Spanish freelance translator, especialized in audiovisual and literary translation, subtitling and video game localization. She has two book translations published so far and has subtitled more than 500 audiovisual material for companies such as Disney, FOX or HBO.


Industry Projects

  • Entertainment500+
  • Gaming4
  • Publishing6

Summary of Industry Experience


Rocío started subtitling in a fansub and since then she has made her passionate dream a reality creating and translating subtitles for hundreds of companies. She loves going to the cinema and watching series both dubbed and subtitled not only because she likes it but to learn from her colleagues' translations as well.


Rocío likes story rich video games, especially role games. She has translated, proofread and tested several video games since 2012, always guaranteeing the best quality. Thanks to her passion for video games, she is familiar to the vocabulary and register used in each genre.


Rocío started translating articles for a bilingual magazine in 2012 and had her first translation of a novel published in 2013. Now, she has already translated two novels and is in the process of finishing a third one.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Book2
  • Script/Video500+
  • Other3
  • Speech50+
  • Article4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Rocío has translated around 20 blogs about cookery and architecture as a voluntary translator at Webflakes.


Rocío has translated two books since 2013, "La forja de Dios" and "El dios de la guerra", and is translating a third.


Rocío has six years of experience as audiovisual translator, especially as a subtitler, a task which consist on creating subtitles for a video and translating its dialogues and oncreen text. She has also translated for dubbing and voice over. Thanks to her experience, she has had the opportunity to work for reknowed companies such as Disney, FOX or HBO.


Since 2012, Rocío has localized, corrected and tested several video games.


In her first years as a freelance translator, Rocío subtitled more than 50 videos for TED conferences to improve her skills and deliver good quality subtitles.


In her first years, Rocío collaborated in the magazine "más+menos" translating articles from English into Spanish.