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Rash has been translating since 2009. She has worked as a full time translator translating books in various fields (e.g. medical, financial, HR, etc.) from English into Arabic. Then, She has worked a full time senior translator translating files for Cambridge International College from Arabic into English. Finally, Rash is now working as a freelance translator with a number of clients, e.g. Shlumberger, Dar Al Uloom University, Saleh Al Omer Certified Translation.


Industry Projects

  • Medical20+
  • Politics10+
  • Other50+
  • Legal50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Rasha translated a number of medical reports from English into Arabic. In addition, she has translated part of a medical book. Also, Rasha has proofread a whole medical book for one of the big companies, i.e. Dar ElFarouk for Cultural Investments.


Rasha loves the political field of translation. She has translated a lot of political files and projects. For instance, she was translating for Sabq newspaper.


Rasha has translated many files in the HR field. For instance, she has translated parts of HR books and other fields.


Rasha has been translating legal documents since her graduation. Her legal experience includes contracts, agreements, terms and conditions documents, etc.

Product Projects

  • Other10+

Summary of Product Experience


Rasha has translated more than 11 oil and gas reports for big companies such as Schlumberger in Saudi Arabia.