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Graduate in Translation and Interpreting in 2014, Jorge works as a freelance translator. He translates different kinds of documents, such as literary texts, scientific papers, press releases, technical manuals... However, one of his main specialties are commercial texts. He has translated websites, online shops and catalogs for local, national and international companies.



Industry Projects

  • Fashion50+
  • Green Products10+
  • Publishing4
  • Web Development1
  • Self Help1
  • Manufacturing2
  • Fitness1

Summary of Industry Experience


Jorge has translated texts from the fashion industry for years, to the extent that fashion has became one of his primary industries. He guarantees an extensive experience translating fashion texts and documents.

Green Products

Jorge often works as a translator for companies which distribute different kinds of green products, such as food products and eco-friendly textile products. He knows this industry and its essential features.


For three years, Jorge has translated documents for the publishing companies. He has worked for newspapers, small publishing companies and NGOs adapting their publications to the Spanish language and culture.

Web Development

Jorge has translated some texts regarding web development. Since many companies want to translate their websites to foreign languages, Jorge thinks that this is an important industry for a translator.

Self Help

Jorge has translated a number of texts for the self help industry. He always adapts his languages to the client's requirements and knows that this kind of texts has its own distinctive features, like the tone or the level.


Jorge has worked for different manufacturing companies. Since this is a broad sector, the kinds of texts he has translated include articles, legal documents, product descriptions, technical manuals... He always tries to offer a high quality service.


Jorge loves fitness and sport. This is why fitness is one of the fields he loves to work in, having translated documents like guides and websites for different personal trainers and gyms.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+
  • Catalog3
  • Web Page2
  • Blog Post3
  • Article3

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Jorge has translated many product descriptions from online shops and other kinds of texts. He knows how to translate not only the descriptions themselves, but also the tone and the cultural aspects.


Jorge has translated different kinds of catalogs. From online catalogs to brochures, from generally known products to specialized machinery... This kind of translation is one of his specialties.

Web Page

For years, Jorge has successfully translated a good number of websites. He knows that the internet is one of the most important sources of information nowadays and always tries to adapt his translations to the target audience, respecting its cultural features.

Blog Post

Jorge has translated blog posts for companies and online newspapers. He is familiar with blogs and their distinctive features, and keeps the tone and intention of the source messages.


Jorge has translated several articles for different websites, online and print journals and magazines. He uses his experience to adapt the language and its level to the specific purpose and context of each article.