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Alexey believes that high-quality localization makes difference for customers and always strives for it. And for more than 11 years he has been loving what he is doing. He respects quality and goes the extra mile to add value for the customer. Alexey worked for the biggest world IT companies (including Apple, Microsoft, and Google) and is aware of the clients' true needs and challenges. He knows how to create localization that will help you achieve your goals.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Russian1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Russian

Alexey works with the largest IT companies localizing User Interfaces, marketing materials, websites, help centers, games, captions and videos.

Industry Projects

  • Fitness1,000+
  • Education1,000+
  • Electronics1,000+
  • Entertainment1,000+
  • Fashion1,000+
  • Gaming1,000+
  • Business1,000+
  • Hardware1,000+
  • Marketing1,000+
  • High Tech1,000+
  • Music1,000+
  • Non Profit1,000+
  • Software1,000+
  • Travel1,000+
  • Health1,000+
  • Career1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


Alexey has a vast experience in localizing fitness apps. To name a few, he has been working with Jawbone, Strava, and Google Fit and he knows the industry really well.


The quality of the education content should be really high and meet the requirements and reading level of the target audience. Working with edu content, Alexey takes it all into account to make sure education activities are interesting and enriching.


Alexey helps multiple clients around the globe to tell users about devices and gadgets they sell and promote. In addition to localization, Alexey also adapts the texts turning the description of features into selling competitive advantages.


Everybody loves entertainment. But entertainment is driven by context around it. And the context includes sites, brochures, ads, and other content that also shall be entertaining. Alexey knows how to make English context really entertaining in Russian and Ukrainian.


Localizing for fashion industry has always been a pleasure for Alexey. Isn't it cool to have a chance to know something new from the world of fashion and do a great localization to help customers share the good news with the entire world?


Alexey loves gaming! Playing games is so much fun and he makes sure that it is fun not only in English. As a result he gets great results in the localization of games!


Alexey helps businesses in various industries to faster achieve their business goals. He always works closely with customers to understand their needs and expectations, and then tailor English content to make sure that it will achieve its goals with the Russian-speaking audience.


Good hardware description can make for it more than the entire army of sales people. It can sell on its own. And Alexey localizes them in away to help you achieve your business goals.


Alexey loves to localize marketing content for its creativity! This is a tremendous challenge to make the localization as bright and smart as the original copy. But he loves to face this challenge. English source for him is just a beginning of the road to perfection. He works to really adapt it for your Russian speaking audience!

High Tech

Alexey is excited about technologies and is striving to reflect the spirit of innovations in the job he does. This is extremely important for him to localize and make your content involving and meaningful globally.


Music gives wings. And content around music should also be inspiring and involving. Alexey has been working with the Music industry for 6 years now, and he knows how reveal the excitement of English content in Russian and Ukrainian.

Non Profit

Alexey has localized megabytes of content for non-profit organizations helping them to reach out to the target audience and to achieve the set goals. Materials localized by Alexey are inspiring and always easy to read.


Alexey is all about localization of software. And it includes everything from UIs to Help Centers and Marketing materials and ads. Alexey has been doing this for many years and acquired a unique experience for the Russian market. Working with your software, his key priority is quality. Users will work only with something they like. And if the software is poorly localized, users will quickly find a better localized substitution, which is not a problem in today's highly competitive mobile market.


Travel content should be attractive and really readable and Alexey knows how to achieve this goal. He loves traveling and writing himself. And that's the secret mix of a high-quality travel localization.


Alexey is really experienced in localizing content for Health and Fitness apps. This industry is really important for people and he realizes his social responsibility when working in this field, and does his best ensuring Russian-speaking audience gets the best health advice and recommendations.


Alexey helps many global companies to describe their carrier opportunities and invite the best-in-class specialists from Russia and the CIS. Definitely this content should be top-notch and attractive and Alexey does his best to ensure high-quality localization in 100% of cases.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Press Release1,000+
  • Script/Video1,000+
  • White Paper1,000+
  • Web Page1,000+
  • Newsletter Content1,000+
  • Product Description1,000+
  • Direct Mail1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

The specifics of blog posts is in their informality and culture. They shall be written in a way that helps your users and customers not only better understand the information, but also feel part of your culture and spirit. And Alexey does his best to reveal them in the best possible way for your target audience.

Press Release

Every day Alexey localizes dozens of press releases to make sure that your target audience stays informed of your latest developments and important updates. Working on the message of press releases he ensures that the target audience not only understands it, but also can action on it.


Alexey localizes multiple video scripts and captions to ensure your videos get to the point from the first seconds to help your users, buyers and customers faster achieve their goals.

White Paper

It is not an easy task to localize or copywrite a white paper as it shall be really interesting and authentic to make a reader look into it. Alexey knows how to achieve the effect!

Web Page

Alexey loves localizing websites. Knowing the needs and requirements of your target audience he fine-tunes the localized content to make it relevant and to the point. Alexey localized thousands of websites, pages and portals for the world's biggest and best companies who really care about their brand and image. And he did it really well.

Newsletter Content

Alexey localizes multiple newsletters every day to keep your customers up-to-date. Working on the news he makes sure that it is easy to follow and understand in a target language and that it achieves the goals you set behind it, i.e., informing, facilitating sales and downloads, etc.

Product Description

Alexey has a vast experience in localization of product descriptions. He doesn't translate them. He adapts them to the needs of your target audience. Alexey is especially good at describing IT services and products, and he is proud to do this job for the largest Forbes 100 companies and multiple SMBs.

Direct Mail

A direct mail is a really important type of communications. It has its goal and Alexey will help you to achieve it on the global scale. No matter if you are looking for downloads, new customers, or clicks and conversions, Alexey will make sure you get there.

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