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Cristina received her degree in Chemistry (Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry) in June 1996. In 1997, she completed a European Master in Polymers, Polymer Processing and Product Manufacture (University of North London, including a trainee period in Italy). This is the reason why her main fields of expertise are Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biology and Plastics/Polymers and English and Italian are the languages she works with.
Her first job as translator was in 1998 with AENOR (Spanish Association of Standardization) where she worked on the translation of Plastics Standards. After that, she worked for more than ten years in the Technical Department of Chemical Companies such as SIKA, S.A., BASF and Mapei where she translated all kinds of Technical Documents (Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, manuals, leaflets and more). Since 2013 she is working again as a freelance translator and she has completed her studies in professional translation, a course in Trados 2014, and she obtained Languages Certificates (C1 Cambridge, B1 Italian).



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Spanish (EU)500+
  • Italian to Spanish (EU)100+
  • English (US) to Spanish (EU)100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Spanish (EU)

Cristina has many years of experience in this pair. She lived and studied in London in 1997 and since then she has been translating in this language pair.

Italian to Spanish (EU)

Cristina has also a long experience translating from Italian to Spanish because she also lived and worked in Turin (italy).

English (US) to Spanish (EU)

Cristina has more than 5 years of experience in this pair, specially since she began to work as freelance translator in 2013.

Industry Projects

  • Science1,000+
  • Manufacturing1,000+
  • Other500+
  • Bio/Pharm500+
  • Health100+
  • Medical100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Food50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Science (chemistry, biochemistry, biology and more).


Plastics and Polymers.


Cristina has worked for AENOR translating UNE standards for the plastics and polymers industry. It is her main speciality.


Cristina loves Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry. She has always loved Sciences and she has been translating in those fields for many years.




Medicine (general).


Infant nutrition, among others.


Dietetics and nutrition.

Product Projects

  • Product Description1,000+
  • Data Sheet500+
  • Article100+
  • Brochure20+
  • Catalog10+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Cristina has translated many product descriptions, especially for chemical companies.

Data Sheet

Cristina has been translating TDS for more than 10 years while she worked for some chemical companies.


Cristina loves translating scientific articles.


Cristina has translated many brochures during the past 15 years.


Cristina has translated 10 catalogs for important chemical companies.

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