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During his study at the Kazan national research technological university, Iskander saw the importance of the English as means of international communication. In the middle of his bachelor degree course he entered the School of foreign languages "Lingua". During his English course he paid special attention to technical language. In 2008 he received a Master's degree in Chemical technology and a Diploma with honors in Translations. At the next step he devoted himself to science. In 2013 Iskander obtained his PhD in Technical Sciences. At the present he is a teacher in the Kazan Federal University and a part time freelance translator.


Industry Projects

  • Science20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Working at university Iskander does scientific research and colloborates with some technological enterprises of the city. He has translated more than twenty scientific and technological texts as freelance translator and more then hundred for his own needs.

Product Projects

  • Product Description10+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Iskander has translated twelve inctruction manuals of different technical devices. Because of his hands-on experience Iskander can understand the principle of operation of the product. This ensures accurate and faithful translation.