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After receiving his bachelor's degree in English Education and Literature, Soliman has been working as official translator and media analyst in the Egyptian Ministry of Defense Language Institute, and as a freelance translator and desktop publisher English-Arabic for several companies like iCanLocalize, Translationz, Bromberg & Associates, L.L.C., Hogarth Worldwide, and several more. His passion for English Language and translation never stop growing, so he has been striving to study and explore since then.


Industry Projects

  • Government500+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Travel20+
  • Medical20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Soliman is a serious person, interested in current affairs, politics and governmental relations. He has translated hundreds of documents, memorandums, correspondences, deals, and even participated in governmental meetings as a simultaneous translator.


Health is number one for everyone. Soliman has translated, transcreated, and designed labels for cosmetics and foodstuffs.


Travel isn’t just about going places, it’s about experiencing the aromas, tastes and passions of a culture. As a graduate of the Tourism and Travel program, you’ll bring the world to your clients with expert advice and a personal touch. Soliman is a people person, and have a passion for discovering what the world has to offer and helping others reach their goals, whether those are in a different province or on the other side of the globe.


As a human being, Soliman never underestimates Health and Medicine. He takes special care while translating any material related to health and medicine, as they are the most important thing in any ones life.

Product Projects

  • Press Release500+
  • Mobile Content100+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Soliman has translated Press releases for over seven years during his work as an official translator.

Mobile Content


Soliman finds a great amusement reading books. Reading books is reading minds. Mind plus mind is a universe in papers. Reading more lets him feel that he knows less than expected.